GIANT Cycle to Work

Want to save up to 42% on the cost of a new Giant or Liv bike and accessories? By using the Giant Cycle to work scheme, you can get a new Giant bike or E-bike tax free and pay over monthly instalments, making owning a new bike easier than ever.


No package limit

- Since the removal of the £1000 cycle to work cap, your employer sets the package value limit, opening up a wider range of models including E-bikes.

Spread the cost

- By using the Giant cycle to work scheme, your repayments will be spread over 12 months via salary sacrifice.

No credit check

- Everything is managed by your employer and our partner Cycle Solutions, so there is no credit check.

Online approval and checkout

- The Giant cycle to work scheme is quick and easy, without endless amounts of paperwork to fill in - everything is completed online, meaning you can be out on your new bike in days rather than weeks (pending employer approval)


*savings may be less for a lower rate taxpayer


The Giant cycle to work scheme allows you to get a tax free Giant or Liv bike via salary sacrifice, spread over 12 monthly repayments. You simply have to set up your employer via the sign up form - once thats complete and your employer has registered, you can place your order via the Giant or Liv website (using Giant cycle to work option at the checkout), select your employer and sign the hire agreement. Once your employer has approved and paid the invoice, the bike is then released for delivery to your chosen retailer.


All Giant Cycle to Work orders placed via the Giant or Liv website qualify for free click and collect or free home delivery (depending on location). We have over 300 retailers across the UK to choose from, all providing high quality service from an approved Giant retailer.


Every Giant & Liv bike comes with a lifetime frame warranty, giving you peace of mind while on the daily commute.


Once you are registered, you add the bike you want to your basket and check out using the 'Giant Cycle to Work' option. 
You will then need to fill in your details and sign the hire agreement. Once signed, this will send a pro forma invoice to your employer to approve and pay. Once payment is made, the bike is released for delivery and will process like a usual click and collect order.


Are there any credit checks involved?

No, providing you meet the eligibility criteria set by your employer then there are no other credit checks required.

How long will it take for my order to be accepted with Giant?

After signing the hire agreement, an invoice is sent to your employer for the value of the order. As soon as we receive confirmation that the invoice has been paid, then we will accept the order and inform you of the estimated time that your bike/gear items will be available for click & collect or home delivery.

From the order being accepted, how long does delivery usually take?

For dealer stock orders where the bike is located on the shop floor, we estimate that it can take 1-2 working days for the bike to be ready. If the bike is despatching from our warehouse, we would advise 3-5 working days - these are just a guide, but if a delivery should fall outside of this window, we will be in touch to update and advise you further.

What happens at the end of the 12 month salary sacrifice period?

You will have an opportunity when you complete your online Hire Agreement to agree to continue to use the equipment for a further 5-years beyond the completion of your salary sacrifice hire period. This extended usage agreement (which will be directly between you and Cycle Solutions) costs absolutely nothing. So you will benefit in full from the savings you make during the salary sacrifice period. If you take ownership of your bicycle and/or equipment at the end of the extended rental period, the fair market value of the bicycle will be negligible so there will be nothing extra to pay.

Alternatively, if you prefer you may also have the opportunity at the end of your salary sacrifice period to choose one of the following options:

- The bicycle and equipment can be returned to Cycle Solutions.

- You may be able to purchase the bicycle and equipment for a one-off fair market value payment.

I dont ride to work every day - am I still eligible to obtain a bike through the Giant cycle to work scheme? 

The scheme is designed to encourage people to use their bicycles to ride to work - under the guidance, at least 50% of the bicycles use must be for work purposes. This includes commuting all or part of the journey from your home to your place of work.

Is it just a bike I can purchase through the Giant cycle to work scheme?

No, the Giant cycle to work scheme can be used to purchase both bikes & gear, as long as the package total is within the limit as set by your employer.

I have a bike sorted - can I just purchase gear items?

Yes that's perfectly acceptable, as long as the items assist in making you or your bike safer for your commute.

Are sale bikes available throught the Cycle to Work scheme?

Sale bikes are unfortunately not available through the Giant cycle to work scheme.

What happens if I leave my employer during the 12 month hire period?

You will be required to pay any future outstanding gross salary sacrifice amounts as a lump sum from your final net salary payment; such a payment cannot be taken from gross pay. If your final salary will not cover the entire final balance payment due, then you will need to pay your employer the balance owed over and above your final salary payment within 14 days of you leaving. If you are made redundant, the rules of the scheme mean that you will be treated as a leaver and therefore the above will also apply.

Does the Giant cycle to work scheme only apply to first time bike purchasers?

No, the scheme is open to everyone, regardless of how many bikes they own.